Ammon and his team.

Ammon and his team.

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Ammon Hontz, the owner and operator of AD Home Inspections was born and raised in the small, old town of Jim Thorpe, PA. Throughout his life, he has worked in many aspects of both construction and remodeling on both old and new structures. Along with that, he has LIVED in both old, and custom built homes, and has a unique knowledge about both types of dwellings. Many think that newer is better, while others like a home that has “character”. Well, newer is not always better, and character at times, can bring expenses and problems that would be unforeseen by the untrained, inexperienced eye. On the opposite end of that spectrum, newer CAN be better IF it is done properly. Just as character CAN add to the home owning experience, IF you are not expecting the 100 year old house to have all the modern code standards that today’s unified building code demands.

It is this experience, along with the excellent training Ammon has received from the American Home Inspector Training Institute, who train all their instructors to the ASHI (American Standards for Home Inspection) standards for an american home inspection company, along with the ongoing training that is required by his certifying organization, InterNACHI, the worlds largest home inspection certifying agency, that will assure you of the quality you will receive. Add to that Ammon’s attention to detail, that has been developed throughout his lifetime careers as well as his inspection career, and you will find you have not only hired a dedicated individual that is committed to you, the customer, but a person that is able to communicate the situation and status of your property in a way that you don’t have to be an engineer or construction contractor to understand.

Finally, its YOUR purchase. Ammon ENCOURAGES the buyer to attend the inspection. He will allow the buyer to be with him for all parts of the inspection that are SAFE for the buyer to participate in, and explanations can be presented as you follow Ammon and see what he is looking for!!

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