All inspections are performed to the InterNACHI standards of practice. They include:

  • Exterior of home to include siding, eves, soffits, walks, grading, siding, porches and patios

  • Roof, chimneys, skylights, ventilation and service entrances of utilities where applicable

  • Foundations and structural components that are visible, basements and crawlspaces that are accessible identifying fire separation issues that can be found in a lot of older construction.

  • All interior rooms windows, doors and cabinets to include walk up and scuttle hole attics.

  • Electrical- outlets are checked for open grounds, missing grounds and reverse polarities. Verify sizing of components and wires in electrical boxes and junction boxes that can be accessed. Verify GFI outlets and new AFCI outlets and their functions.

  • Heating and cooling systems for operation, noting any safety hazards related to poor venting.

  • Plumbing, Visible piping corrosion, lead water mains, operate toilets and fixtures, checking for functional flow and drainage. Examine visible traps for proper P-type vs S-type.

  • Fireplaces.

  • Doors and windows for function and egress where needed.

  • Garages, inspecting operations of doors, verify auto-reverse and sensors function properly, inspect electrical and fire separation of attached garages where applicable.


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Mold Testing

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Water Testing

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Thermal Imaging

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